Greetings loyal blog reader!

So why make the switch?

WordPress offers a better interface, for both bloggers and commenters, that’s both more aesthetically pleasing and offers a better platform on which to interact.

Special thanks to:  Ben Kabak, Joseph Pawlikowski, Stephen Pugliese, Amanda Rykoff, Kierstin Schmidt and Shelly Thomas

As you may have noticed, older PBP posts were successfully imported from Blogger, all the way back to the very beginning.  The archive is sorted by month, so feel free to use that to find a post–if there’s one in particular you’re looking for an you can’t find, send me an email and I will gladly help.

Unfortunately, comments made on Blogger using Intense Debate (4/09-10/09) did not survive the import.  Comments on these entries, for more or less the entirety of the 2009 season, can still be found at