Florida is awesome in March.

It’s sunny, but not hot, and there’s baseball. Lots, and lots of baseball.

How much baseball? Well, let’s start off with the fact that I shared my flight with a New Jersey college team. Yeah, there’s lots of baseball.

I went to Jupiter to catch the Marlins and the Cardinals, and as is probably normal, by the fourth inning, completely stopped caring about the game, and just enjoyed it.

My view. Roger Dean Stadium filled up fairly quickly–the Stadium is shared by the Marlins and the Cardinals, but as one might expect, the crowd this day was heavily skewed towards the Cardinals.

Like I said.

Cardinals warm ups.

Game action.

Albert. He struck out twice.

There was some sort of classic car show going on right outside the stadium, so I got a few.

(My personal favorite)


So some of you might ask, “why not the Yankees”?

The answer is simply one of convenience–Tampa is too far from where I was staying to make it a realistic possibility.

It’s not often a Yankee fan gets to see Pujols in person…

Oh, and Josh Johnson looked phenomenal.